Topic: Kedah
Yudha's Group
Yudha Adimas Putra 1071117262(Group Leader)
Anna Tamara 1071117262
Rhesa Nanda 1061105535
Hijanah Hassan 1061109462
Ariezona Bramandhika 1061109462
Mohamed Omar Abdi 1061109900


Malaysia Tourism Website is a final project of Digital Media 1 Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The purpose of this website is to promote the cultures and tourism in Malaysia, especially in Kedah.
In this project, we use macromedia flash and macromedia dreamwaver to complete the final project. Our group consist of six peoples from different race, and hopefully we can make a great teamwork and score a good mark from this assignment

Objectives “Malaysia Tourism Website “

  • Shows many tourism object in Langkawi, Kedah
  • Shows the cultures appears inside the tourism
  • Final project of Digital Media 1
  • The main objective of this activity is to promote tourism and cultures in Malaysia
  • This Activity is an advertising using internet as media
  • The underlying factors that make this project success are the teamwork between group member and guidance from our lecturer and tutorial lecturer.
  • During this project we will provide the detail steps of the making of this project in our individual blog using
  • There are a tourism objects, cultures, and clear statement promoting Malaysia tourism in this project using macromedia flash and macromedia dreamwaver.
  • Students, lecturer, and public will participate to see the final project. Comments and good critics are allowed to improve our project.

Reasoning of choosing Kedah
Kedah is one of the famous state in Malaysia because of its culture and its beautiful tourism place.For example Langkawi.Langkawi, also known as the Jewel of Kedah, is a very charming little island which is part of an archipelago of 99 islands 30 km off the coast of Malaysia. The waters of the Adaman Sea are crystal clear and the white sandy beaches are hard to part with.
The cultures in Kedah interests us to explore and publish through our assignment.

Target Audience
We are very welcoming tourist and international people to come to Kedah and to know more details about Kedah.Also local people and anyone who interest to visit this website.

Characteristic of the site
  • Attractive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Interesting
  • Unique
  • Complete Informations

1) Introduction of Kedah
2) Location of Kedah
3) History of Kedah
4) Interesting Tourism place in Kedah
5) References

Minutes of meeting
  • venue- FOM cafe
  • time- 26 July 2009
  • 8pm- finished
  • Contents:
- Introduction
- Objectives of Kedah
- Model of the site
- Subtopic
- Target Audience

Our next meeting will be held after Mid break discussing about the simulation of website,place will be anounced soon.Futher information will be updated.

Above is Kedah's Group Flowchart for the Assignment

Diversification of Kedah :
1. Geography & Demography
2. History & Culture
3. Activities
4. Interesting Places in Kedah
5. Map of Kedah
6. Transportation & Accommodation
7. Travel Agent & Related Government Organization in Kedah

Design :
Index Page : Flash for 20 seconds
Home page :
1. Attractive Tittle
2. Picture of Interesting Places in Kedah
3. Sky Blue background with colorful content
4. Link to other website

List of People Responsible for the Website :

Flash 20 seconds - Yudha Adimas Putra
Home Page - Anna Tamara
History and Culture - Rhesa Nanda
Tourism Places ( Attraction ) - Hijanah Hassan
Transportation & Accommodation - Bramandhika Ariezona
Contact Page - Mohamed Omar Abdi

About the design page, we will upload it later after all design finished. There is possibilities that our design will change depends on best alternative designs for the assignment.

Minute of Meeting :

Venue : FOM Cafe
Time : 13 August 2009

Refferences :

Next meeting will be held in this weekend to upload the sample design for web pages.

This is the sample design we made



From the sample design above, we can see our banner and footer also.

And this is our Symbol

Sky blue, as our color theme, and JAOBRY here stands for our name " Jana, Anna, Omar, Bram, Rhesa and Yudha.
the design can be change depends on the other alternative design.

minutes of 3rd meeting :

venue : FCM AR 2007
Time : 24 August 2009, after tutorial class

The next meeting will be held next week. We will be combine all the web pages and link it together. And I will upload our fix webpages design.